Working for Corumbene can be a rewarding and enriching experience where you can make a difference in the lives of our clients by being part of our dynamic team. It is important that the people who work for Corumbene are committed to our Vision, Purpose and Values. We provide compassionate care in a range of services including community home care, nursing, respite care, residential services and more.

Vanmathi (Vanu) Anbanandan – Human Resources Officer.

“I enjoy every day at work – I love a little bit of everything! I feel valued and supported and am treated with respect. I’m given encouragement, and I feel that my manager genuinely cares about my wellbeing, both personally and professionally.”

Kay Tracey – ICT support, Corumbene Community Services.

“I love working with my colleagues – they are a fantastic team of people who care so much about our clients and their well-being, and they make coming to work a lot of fun!”

Elizabeth Hanuszewicz – Wellbeing & Lifestyle Coordinator, Corumbene Residential Care.

“I am very happy to be working at Corumbene. I enjoy my role, we have a great team in Wellbeing and Lifestyle and I get to bring new activities and ideas to our residents, it’s a great place to work!”

Elizer Fernandez – ECA/Wellbeing & Lifestyle Officer, Corumbene Residential Care.

“Looking after elderly people’s needs is so rewarding, and I love to entertain them. I think playing a musical instrument puts a smile on their face and extend that extra mile on their journey that makes them happy.”

Wayne Daly – Maintenance Officer, Corumbene.

“I really enjoy the friendship and interaction with our residents, fellow staff members and contractors. I try to make everyone’s day a little easier while keeping our unique facility looking and functioning at its best. I love it, and I look forward to, and appreciate, every day at work.”

Ellie O’Brien – Rural Primary Health Program Manager.

“I love seeing each member of our team happy and motivated to make an impact on our clients’ health journeys.”