Willow Court – Corumbene Project

There has been considerable discussion and interest around the announcement of a project involving Corumbene Care at a site on The Avenue. This has been an exciting project for Corumbene, of which the development approval process is another tiny step forward in supporting our vision for the community.

I have to step back for a moment and reflect on the history of Corumbene to provide a response to ‘why’ we are following this path. Corumbene was conceived (back in 1967) from a small group of industrious, community focussed volunteers, who had identified a need to support our more senior community members. Our senior community members were at risk of ‘falling through the cracks’ due to the lack of services in the valley. Taking care of each other is fundamental to the fabric of who we are at Corumbene, and where we have come from.

Moving forward to 2019, Corumbene continues to follow this path, where the conversation has shifted to a broader community focus. Whilst always supporting where we have come from, the care we provide to our residents and other community services currently delivered, we would like to support and facilitate, where possible improvement in health and wellbeing services in the Derwent Valley and the greater region. Just as the volunteers identified back in 1967 of community members falling through the gaps, we believe Corumbene has a lot to offer to continue to support and improve care services within our community and reduce the risk of community members falling through the gaps.

To that end, we have embarked on an ambitious project at The Avenue, to support an integrated range of community health and wellbeing services at its core. There are few caveats (or conditions) for us to achieve this, one is to secure sufficient funding to deliver on our vision for the site, as we will not be able to do this alone. We have been knocking on a lot of ‘doors’ (politicians and stakeholders) to achieve this and will keep you all informed of our progress.


Damien Jacobs