Values Launch

During 2018 Corumbene commenced the ‘Values Project’. This was a consultant driven project attended by 40 participants comprising staff, volunteers, residents and contractors.  The project was to revise the Corumbene Values. Following 6 groups meeting twice with a consultant and facilitator, numerous stories were told of what participants considered values based. Out of these discussions with each group, approximately 20 values were chosen to then be voted on by staff, residents, volunteers and contractors around the Home. The final vote came in for the top 5 that people associated as Corumbene’s Values.

Our revised Values are:


‘At Corumbene we are always on the look-out to, and are happy to, help each other because
together, we achieve more.’


‘We let our colleagues and clients know that we appreciate and value them, and look out for opportunities to acknowledge and be generous about their contributions and efforts’.


‘We are committed to support, sustainably, the long term improvement of our communities’ health and well-being, wherever they may be.’


‘Be kind, don’t judge, and have respect for others.’


‘Honesty is measured by our conduct, not our words.’

Values Launch and Congratulations of Team Leaders
On Thursday 18th July, we held our Values Launch of which about 35 people attended. The Launch featured a presentation and included some stories which arose during this project. During this Launch we also congratulated our new Team Leaders, which consist of 8 Care Staff, each becoming a Team Leader following some extensive training. We would like to congratulate our Team Leaders: Robbie Bean, Kristy Bracken, Katrina Browning, Kristy Maw, Hayley Roberts, Tanya Russell, Lucretia Siegemund, and Elizabeth Stevenson.