What do we mean by Develop and support staff?

In short, it means that we are committed to providing an environment that encourages and supports career growth and personal development.

Why is it important?

  1. Firstly, it is a concept that just makes sense: as human beings we are life-long learners. Every single day we learn something through our experiences. Choosing particular training or developmental options means that we can tailor our learning experiences depending where we are at with our lives at a particular point in time.
  2. Second, as an aged care provider we are obliged to ensure adequate qualified staff and an appropriate skill-mix to ensure quality outcomes for our residents and clients. This is why we encourage and support you to undertake training that is relevant to your role so that you consolidate existing skills, learn new skills and engage in contemporary aged care practice.
  3. Third, with our ageing population and the ever-increasing regulatory oversight of our sector, the need to accurately assess and document needs, provide increasing levels of care and deal with increasingly complex care needs, is a challenge that we want to pro-actively prepare for so that we can provide a quality service to the communities of the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands.

How do we do it?

Training and development support is offered to all staff. Mandatory training is usually provided in-service, as are some other non-compulsory education sessions. Training is also offered off-site – opportunities are posted on the training notice board in the staff room and at the end of the monthly newsletter.