COVID-19 Update as at 25th January 2024

I am writing to provide some positive news in relation to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Since my last update, just two further residents (and one staff member) have tested positive to COVID-19.

To date, there have been a total of twenty-two (22) positive resident cases across the nursing home in all streets except Lachlan; and fourteen (14) of those cases have resolved, with no hospitalisations.

While we continue to conduct ‘Rapid Antigen Tests’ for any residents who develop symptoms, earlier this week we conducted a PCR ‘sweep’ of the facility, testing all residents who had not tested positive in the current outbreak. I am delighted to advise that there were no further positive cases detected.

Residents in Hermitage, Coniston, Ranelagh, Water Wheel and Upper Kentish that tested positive have all now resolved, and as a result we are able to lift restrictions in those streets, returning to normal dining arrangements for everyone except remaining positive cases who will continue to receive tray service.

There remain a couple of positive cases in Valleyfield and Lower Kentish that we expect to resolve over the coming days – and they will remain in isolation for now.

Pending results of a final testing ‘sweep’ later today or Friday, we expect to be able to ‘stand down’ the facility on Saturday 27th January 2024, with the Linkway Café reopening and Wellbeing and Lifestyle activities returning to normal on Monday 29th January 2024.

We have decided to maintain a cautious approach to visitation and PPE arrangements for now, because there remains a higher level of COVID transmission in the community. Our concierge service will continue at Marriott Avenue to assist visitors over the coming weekend, but revert to Reception from Monday 29th January 2024.

Public health officials have congratulated us on the management of this latest outbreak – so I would like to thank all residents, families and staff for helping to minimize the impact.

Alison Standen

Chief Executive Officer