COVID-19 update as at 18th January 2024.

Over the past days we have had further residents and staff who have tested positive to COVID-19, now with a total of twenty (20) positive resident cases.

I am pleased to advise that residents in Hermitage that tested positive have all now resolved, and as a result we are able to lift restrictions in that street.

However, restrictions remain in Waterwheel, Coniston, Upper Kentish, Ranelagh and Valleyfield. Current visitation and PPE arrangements will remain in place until further notice, and our concierge service will continue at Marriott Avenue to assist visitors during business hours.

At this stage Lower Kentish and Lachlan remain COVID-free and we are doing our best to allocate staff to those streets to minimize the risk of transmission to those areas.

All residents who test positive are being offered antivirals where clinically indicated, and we have had pharmacy on site to offer vaccination boosters for any residents who have consented to receiving them and who have not had COVID recently. Our clinical team are organizing for PCR testing to be completed in the coming days.

This week we applied for surge workforce assistance through the Australian Government and those staff commenced on shifts from today.

Thank you for your continued understanding as we work to manage this outbreak and prioritise the health and safety of residents, visitors and staff.

Alison Standen
Chief Executive Officer