The Corumbene ‘My Journey Program’ has received a National Award for Excellence at the Conference for Diversional Therapy Australia, held in Queensland last week. The program involves gathering life stories of the elder community to ensure they are preserved for friends, family and in some cases the close knit community in the Derwent Valley.

Corumbene CEO Damien Jacobs, was thrilled with the recognition at a national level, “The program, which was developed by a combined effort of “Friends of Corumbene” volunteers and local school children, has significantly increased the benefits to our elder community with a far greater impact than was anticipated”.

Barb Davis, who was the recipient of the award on behalf of Corumbene was overwhelmed by the recognition of the program, “We have a small amount of dedicated volunteers facilitating the program for both residents of Corumbene and our greater elder community within the Derwent Valley and Central Highlands. Our staff, volunteers and community organisations and schools must be commended for their amazing support”.

The “My Journey” initiative has been operating for 18 months, and, receiving this accolade against a national cohort of much larger and in many cases, better resourced organisations, is an outstanding achievement.
Beryl Burns, a Corumbene resident was involved in the initiative “My family are very proud to have me included in this program. It’s something my children can always look back on”.