Corumbene Care is glad to announce we have been successful in tendering to expand our community services offering across the Derwent Valley, Central Highlands, and Southern Midlands with opportunities in other areas.

Primary Health Tasmania has commissioned Corumbene Care to deliver services to improve the health outcomes of people with chronic conditions in three local government areas in southern Tasmania: Central Highlands, Derwent Valley and Southern Midlands.

Services will target people with the following chronic conditions:

  • circulatory and heart disease (cardiovascular disease)
  • lung disease (including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD)
  • musculoskeletal disorders.

People will have access to care coordination, a telemonitoring service (supplementing face-to-face care), and allied health services and support.

Corumbene Care will also work alongside Diabetes Tasmania to deliver improved health outcomes for people with diabetes in these communities.

There will be no disruption to clinical support services for existing Corumbene Care clients in the Central Highlands, Derwent Valley and Southern Midlands. If the clients require an alternative service, Corumbene will work with them to transition to appropriate care through local services.

Services for new clients will be progressively introduced between February and July 2017. Corumbene Care will also work closely with other local primary health care service providers ensuring new clients can access the services they need.

Through these services, Corumbene Care aims to:

  • reduce preventable hospital presentations and admissions
  • improve patient-reported quality of life and health outcomes.
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