Corumbene prides itself on providing the best service to every individual resident in our care. We do so by engaging suitably qualified staff, supporting a volunteer network, maintaining grounds and buildings that are suitable in design and aesthetics to ensure that clients’ needs can be met.

By making a donation and/or bequest, you will enable Corumbene to do more for our residents, providing extras and amenities that cannot be supplied via the normal funding from Government and resident contributions.

Your donation or bequest will continue to make a real positive difference to Corumbene residents.


A bequest is a gift left to an organisation by an individual in their Will. It can take the form of cash, shares, property or other assets. You may make as many bequests or gifts as you choose to people or organisations. There are a number of options to consider:

  • Specific Bequest – You may wish to specify an item of property, a work of art, or any other valuable item or property as a gift or bequest. We strongly suggest you seek legal advice when preparing your Will.
  • A Residuary Gift – This is the residue of your estate after leaving your possessions, specific items of property or other amounts of money to named beneficiaries in the Will and after all debts, taxes and expenses have been met and paid.
  • A Pecuniary Legacy – This is a specific cash amount left to a named beneficiary in your Will. You may also consider making a conditional bequest, so that if those who are important to you all die before you, then some provision could be made in your Will for Corumbene

Donations to Corumbene over $2 are tax-deductible. Corumbene Care is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and Public Benevolent Institution.